Roubo Workbench Comes Along (slowly)

My Roubo inspired workbench vis a vis, Christopher Schwarz in issue #184 of Popular Woodworking, is slowly progressing. I sourced the wood from a local mill, Carver Lumber, in Princeton, IA, and asked if they would be able to get ahold of some 4-5″ thick slabs. They were able to come up with 2-6′ 10″ wide 3 1/2″ thick pieces of white oak. They’ve been drying for about a year and a half in the detached garage and now that the moisture level is down to about 12% I’ve begun the process of planing and edge gluing the pieces and have arrived at the point of a fully dressed and level slab. Next step is to locate a good end vice, some epoxy to fill the checks and cracks, and possibly a hand brace. The finished size of the dressed slab ended up being 5′ long, 19″ wide and 3 1/4 thick. I tried using a power hand planer to level it all out but what ended up working perfectly was “one mean router jig” designed by Nick Offerman which you can see in issue #222 of Fine Woodworking. The smaller size of my bench will work just fine as my shop space (1/2 half of a 2-car garage) is only about 200 sq ft. 

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