Measure Twice Cut Once

The task for today in bringing the Roubo bench along was to install my end vise. I came across a Jorgensen 9″ model #40709. It’s a quick release, but solid i.e. heavy, with a snazzy wood handle (maple perhaps?). Initially I thought it best to inset the vise, at least on the end of the bench top so that I would have a unified flat surface against which to work. So I proceeded to drill, chisel, & swear my way to victory. And, impressively the vise fit nearly flush with the end of the bench and even looked nice

But (and I’ll chalk this up to inexperience and my ongoing apprenticeship through books/Internet, and just plain old inattention to detail) I failed to take into account the placement of the 5″x5″ legs to be installed two steps down the road that would inevitably be in the way of the vise guides & screw and vice versa.

So I hand-sawed off the 1/2″ worth of scrap I just created and reattached the vise (not before laying out the legs of course) only this time I chose to not inset it. I can always go back and try at a later date but I wasn’t ready to saw off another 1/2″. And I can install wood inserts onto the clamp that will distribute the pressure more broadly.

Next step is to mix up the elastic wood epoxy with the iron oxide powder dye and fill in the checks and cracks and then onto the legs.

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