Roubo’s Legs

I’ve been waiting on a couple tools to move this project along, namely a brace and a mortising chisel. For those of you who are perhaps too interested in the details you may have noticed a very nice Japanese bench chisel in the photos from the last post. It occurs to me now, that what I should  have been using was a mortising chisel. Ah to be young and inexperienced. Now I have a good reason to order some Japanese water stones and learn how to properly sharpen a chisel.

But back to the project at hand. Since I am unable to drill the bench dog holes without a brace-I want to take care of those by hand-and since I’ve yet to get my epoxy and iron oxide powder to fill the checks, I went ahead and started work on the legs.

I purchased the legs over a year ago from a big box store and they were simply labeled “untreated landscaping timbers” of the 6″x6″ variety. They looked pretty rough but I dried them in the attic and then planed them down this summer. Today I cut them to length and sanded them down. The result is that each leg measures 5″x5″ and 35″ L.

This weekend I plan on actually cutting the sliding dovetails and tenons and possibly carving out the mortises in the bench itself if time permits.

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