Roubo done. Almost.

After a final push this weekend, I more or less finished the Roubo. Two things left-drill the holes for the adjacent face vise hold-down and apply the finish. Otherwise, c’est tout!

The last steps involved shaping the chop for the face vise, making the parallel guide, and installing the wood vise screw.

I followed the script in Christopher Schwarz‘s article as closely as possible for these last steps. (whom I should thank-his article in Popular Woodworking was the clearly the inspiration for this, and I would like to pay homage to Monsieur Roubo-to pass down a design through the ages that still has value today is no small contribution) I also added a wood face to the moving end of the tail vise. And the only design flourishes I included were the ones on the oak chop for the face vise. Otherwise I kept things pretty square.

Here’s the final product (I’ll take some final photos outside when spring arrives):

It’s kind of a celebration. I plan on going back and de-briefing, with particular focus on where I rushed things, point out the imperfections, etc. Those things are burned into my mind and they played an integral role in the process. Also, I will list the tools broken and the hardware bought.

The end result is that it is finished, I’m happy with it, and when I finally sat down to look at the bench, I experienced great satisfaction/relief/fill-in-the-blank. That I still feel the need the next morning to walk out to the garage and just admire is proof enough.

It’s the beginning of good things.


One thought on “Roubo done. Almost.

  1. Son,

    You continue to amaze, thanks for sharing and not to sound “preachie” but it is a Gpd given talent.

    Love, Pop

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