Pergola Pt. III

I was able to locate some 2″x6″s that are destined to become the joists for the pergola. They were salvaged from an old barn near Shannon, Illinois. They looked a little rough, but had never been properly finished as of course they were intended for a barn.

That little Jetta Wagon has proven it’s worth over and over again as my virtual pick-up truck. It’s amazing what a few tie-down straps and ratchets can do for a load of wood.

I wasn’t sure if the wood was Douglas Fir or not but once I planed off a small section it looked more and more like Cedar.

I placed a piece of Western Red Cedar from another project next to it and they look pretty similar. The piece on top is the new one and the one on the bottom is from the barn beams:

Tonight I had the opportunity to plane the first 3 of the 18 total 2×6’s. They measure about 13′ long each and are 2 1/4″ x 6″, so truly dimensioned.

You can see the contrast between the planed beams on the left and the yet-to-be-planed on the right.


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