Stone City

Still gathering supplies for the backyard pergola project and this weekend it was all about rocks. A friend and I took a road trip to Weber Stone, located in Stone City, IA. It’s a tiny little village near Anamosa, and appropriately enough is the home of Anamose Limestone, which they’ve been quarrying since the 1850s. It’s also the home of the Stone City Art Colony, founded by Edward Rowan, Adrian Dornbush, and most famously, Grant Wood.

There are only few dozen structures in the whole place, mostly all made from of course, limestone and mostly residential. It’s a picturesque little spot, with the Wapsipinicon River running right through the middle of town. If you are ever in the area, be sure to stop by the General Store for a 1 lb or better burger (hauling rocks all day works up an appetite) and an oatmeal stout, all of which can be enjoyed on the back deck overlooking the river.

(photo courtesy of Bill Whittaker)

The quarry itself is in the middle of town and is a massive operation. If you’re in the market for some limestone, this is the way to go, plus it’s really fun seeing all the different rock cuts, and how it comes right out of the hillside. It’s a quick process, you drive up on the scale, get weighed and head out to the yard to hand pick your product. Then it’s back to the scale, for gross weight and out the door. We got what we needed and then took a leisurely stroll through the yard just to see what’s there.

Total take for the day was 980 lbs of planter stone for the two beds and steps that will be incorporated into the patio/pergola area.

Had I a larger vehicle (the wagon was limited to an additional weight of 1145 lbs) I probably would have got more, although I don’t need any-there’s something compulsive about buying beautifully cut rock at such a affordable price.

I did a quick layout of where the beds would go, just to visualize it:

Archie immediately located where the stairs would go.

Now for the fun part of tearing out the old pavers to make way for the posts and beds. Whoo-hoo!


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