Kneebraces Pt. 1

With the initial structure of posts and beams assembled and upright, I started laying out the kneebraces. Following Mitchell’s example in, “The Craft of Modular Post & Beam”, I  chose the kneebrace halflap dovetail joint to go into each interior corner. The deciding factor was that per the book, this joint can be installed after assembly.

With 8 kneebraces, the first step was to create two templates to make the repetitive cuts go a little more smoothly and uniformly.

I used 1/4″ hardboard, sawed by hand, since I have no bandsaw and then filed down to get as square and exact as possible.

For the kneebraces I went with 4-6′ lengths of 4×4 Cedar in keeping with the rest of the frame.

Each end of each kneebrace needed 5 cuts so a total of 80 to get all the braces cut.

Up next-Pt. 2-Chiseling out the mortises in the posts.