Coffee Table

Finishing up the Quarter Sawn Sycamore coffee table. I ended up using Quarter Sawn Sycamore, Maple, & Black Walnut for the table top. The base was constructed using only QS Sycamore with White Oak pegs and Black Walnut tusked tenons. For the finish I’m giving Rockler/Maloof’s Poly/Oil and Oil/Wax finishes a try.

I’m pretty much following the directions on the can…sanding successively up to 400 grit, buffing first with #0000 steel wool and then a vigorous buff with a cotton rag, then 3 coats of the Poly/Oil. Tomorrow I’ll apply one coat of the Oil/Wax finish.

It’s funny-I always like the look of the unfinished wood when I’m using QS Sycamore and now Maple, and I’m somewhat reluctant to try a finish on it for fear of darkening it too much. But then once I get the finish on, I really like it. Who knows. I’m still learning so much about proper sanding/finishing/etc. I think next time around I may try the traditional French polish with a light shellac and see how that goes.

All the same, I’m really focused on using QS Sycamore for the time being. I think there are a lot of avenues to explore with this wood. It certainly is my favorite, although I’m starting to see how Maple could be really enjoyable to work with.

And some images after three coats of Maloof Poly/Oil.


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