Cherry & QS Sycamore Corner Book Case (Potentially)

In the early stages of milling, squaring, jointing, planing, etc. the lumber for a corner book case. The majority of the material is cherry with quarter-sawn sycamore for the accents. The case will consist of two side panels with three shelves and basically look like a right triangle when seen from above.

For the QS Sycamore I wanted to create a lattice with a simple geometric shape so I settled on a nice art deco design. They are joined with half-lap joints….which I found that to get them as close to perfect as I could, it took me about 6 hours just to build these two lattice pieces. But well worth it. The joints are tight, square, and true. I was fortunate enough to get ahold of spalted QS Sycamore from a local mill-it’s a beautiful selection-and a joy to work with.

IMG_1161 IMG_1162 IMG_1166 IMG_1167 IMG_1169 IMG_1171