Corner Book Case Progress

After a lengthy hiatus from the workshop, I’m edging back into the sphere of construction. The QS Sycamore lattice are cut to size and the next step is fitting them to the two Cherry side panels that will form the two “enclosed” sides of the triangular footprint of the bookcase. Here are the milled frame pieces:

IMG_1183IMG_1185 The frame consists of two rails and three stretchers. A triangular shelf will be placed at each set of stretchers.

To join the frame pieces, I used mortise and tenon joints throughout. And to set the lattice flush with the frame, I chiseled out mortises to create what is basically a series of half-blind lap joints. I’m dry fitting everything at this point and will glue up when the weather improves.




Everything fits quite well but there are a few less that tight mortises in the frame-gluing should rectify that.



It’s coming together fairly well-just taking a lot of time to get it to fit right.

Next I’ll build the second panel and then start gluing up the shelves and determining how they will fit into the frame. Biscuits may be a good option at this point.