Dry Fitting the Book Case

And now for the sanding, gluing, and finish!
IMG_1842 IMG_1849 IMG_1850 IMG_1846


2 thoughts on “Dry Fitting the Book Case

  1. I’ve really enjoyed you build of the corner bookcase so far. The contrasting woods (cherry & maple? I can’t remember what you said before) is very nice. It’s a very pleasant contrast vs say walnut/maple.

    I think it was the pervious post that showed you sizing the shelf and cutting them down. I was kinda bummed that you removed as much of the sap-wood edge as you did. I thought it would have been a nice continuation of this contrast in the same piece of wood, an echo of the different species used in the sides. Bu maybe that would have been too much.
    No matter. Still is very nice!

    • Hey Adam, thx for following along. You make a good point regarding the sapwood/heartwood trade-off. It was a tough decision between a “clean” edge and a more natural one.

      This project has been a different beast for me in that I’m letting the piece drive the design rather than the other way around and so some of the choices made might be different the second time were i to build another. We’ve got a lot of corners in our house and a lot of books, so who knows on the next one. -Bobby

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