When 10 Equals 1

From one of several exercises illustrated in Desmond King’s, Shoji and Kumiko Design Vol.I, here be the shavings from sizing a practice kumiko, 6.4mm x 15mm x 400mm, intended in part to test out one’s sawing and chiseling skills.

The idea was to size a piece of Poplar down to the above measurements which translates into the width of my chisel (6.3mm or ~1/4″). Each shaving is about 0.1mm thick, i.e. 10=1mm, and with the judicious use of the plane and consistent checking with the external calipers, it came out at the desired dimensions and as a bonus produced a nice bouquet of shavings.

IMG_2154 Cutting the trough here involved marking down a short distance with the marking gauge (about 7.3mm), sawing a line to that bottom mark, holding the kumiko piece built above to the line and marking the other side, then sawing down again. Lastly was cleaning out the waste (with a very sharp chisel).IMG_2156 Time for the test fit-it really came out quite close, but you can see a slight deviation in the side wall-that’s poor sawing on my part-partially due to a dulling blade and partially due to lack of practice.IMG_2157 All in all a good fit, but always leaving some room for improvement.IMG_2160