Building Jagumi Base for Asa-no-ha Pattern

To build the base for my next asa-no-ha pattern I’m using Alaskan Yellow Cedar. I acquired a few three foot boards, about 3″ wide and 3/4″ thick which I ran through the power planer to just over 5/16″ thick. From there I ripped several 1/4″ wide strips to use for the pattern.




For the jagumi, I cross-cut six pieces, each approximately 5 1/4″ long. I then used a block plane to get them all exactly to the same depth/thickness.


To accurately join the pieces I kept them clamped together to ensure uniformity and layed out the three areas where the base kumiko will intersect.IMG_2823

As you can see, I did not saw all the way down to the horizontal layout line. That was not intentional, I was being cautious so as to not over-cut and I was more focused on cutting straight lines.


So I went back to each cut line and very carefully cut down to the layout line. To not do this would ensure that when removing the waste, there would be tear-out which would be obvious in the final piece.IMG_2828


Once the cut lines were complete, I used my chisel to remove the waste. IMG_2830

The pieces ready for assembly.IMG_2832



Unfortunately, I made the intersecting joints slightly too big and so there were the smallest of gaps.IMG_2835

This example is closer to what it should look like rather than the above image.IMG_2836

Now to chamfer the front and side edges of the end of each piece. IMG_2837

Taking a very sharp paring chisel, I shaved off about 3-4 thin shavings on each side. This is all done by eye and hand and demands close attention.IMG_2838


All three sides chamfered.


The jagumi assembled and in my case, I used a few dabs of glue to hold it together to compensate for the slight gaps at the intersecting joints.IMG_2842

The jagumi complete, the next step will be to cut, shape, and insert the four diagonal cross pieces. This will further divide the four squares into eight triangles.


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