The Japanese Transom Pt. IV

Just a quick update on transom progress…I’ve mortised the kumiko frame and added the half-blind mortises to the two long, interior horizontal pieces. The 24 short pieces will need to be redone-my tenons were too sloppy. And my tenons on the long vertical pieces were also off by a bit in places, creating a gap between them and the kumiko frame. And so I will adjust the cuts on those which means I’ll have to trim the vertical pieces of the kumiko frame and outer frame to match the slight adjustment in overall height. But on a positive note, the lap joints in the “jagumi” part of the transom are rather tight, and consistently so which is an improvement over the last Asa-no-ha pattern I made.


I’m blaming these tenons on the Ommegang Winter Ale that magically appeared in our refrigerator. Seriously, who cut these, an inebriated elf?IMG_2977


In spite of the slight gaps the over-all frame is square and flat and not bowed out anywhere. The kumiko frame fits a little loosely-but will come together fine during the final assembly.

Apologies for the dark picture-I’m still in process of addressing the lighting situation in the basement-nonetheless I was happy with the lap joints.IMG_2976



2 thoughts on “The Japanese Transom Pt. IV

  1. Hi,

    Somewhat happy to see I am not the only one having issues with hand cutting joints. Last night, I cut a half lap joint with all hand tools and it looked so bad I was contemplating giving up woodworking all together.

    So tempting to just fire up the table saw and get it done 😦

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