The Japanese Transom pt. V

After re-cutting the short vertical kumiko, I dug out the mortises in the external cherry frame that will house the longer horizontal and vertical kumiko tenons, including the tenons from the kumiko frame itself.

I decided to build a simple external frame, rather than the somewhat complex frame as illustrated in Odate’s book (Outer Frame With Mitered Box Mortise-And-Tenon Joint)-when I build my next transom, I’ll tackle that.

I then dry fit the entire transom together and with a few minor adjustments, everything came together as well as could be expected. In a sense this initial project is really a 3-D mock-up. I don’t want to call it a practice piece, but in effect, it is.

My next steps before gluing will be to remove any measurement marks and chamfer the inner edge of the cherry frame. Once that is complete, I will begin work on the three asa-no-ha patterns. “After assembling the kumiko, put in the hemp leaf pattern”, pg 65 from Making Shoji by Odate.





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