Taughanock II – Putting it all together

After several hours in the shop, I’ve was able to get my new desk design together for the test fit. I’ll need to dis-assemble it, finish plane/sand all the pieces, and knock it all back together to apply the finish. I’m going with hand rubbed beeswax although not sure how many coats just yet. You might notice there’s a piece of walnut that magically appears at the base of the leg. The short version is that I screwed up the bridle joint so I had to cut off the bottom and rather than build a new leg, I laminated a piece of walnut to it. It’s a gentle reminder of the mistake and lends an element that I quite like to the piece that wouldn’t have otherwise been there.

On the design end, I wanted to use solid wood construction but not rely too heavily on the live-edge side of things. I still included some of the original edge from the sap wood, but pulled the bark and sanded the remaining edge trying to retain as much of the original shape as possible. I also liked the patterns that appeared from the inner layers of the bark. So I kept a vestige of the live edge but placed it on the floor on the two base structures, more of an elemental intent, and tried to keep the lines as they moved towards the top more stripped down, kind of simple and hopefully elegant. The top extends into a “waterfall” joint through the side vertical support. I included at least a sense of weight and balance through minimal use of cantilevers on both the top and bottom to counteract the heaviness of the overall piece.

Heres’s a few shots of the nearly-finished product.









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