Milling Walnut on March 1st (in the snow)

As we get things dialed in on the chainsaw mill, the cutting is going quite a bit better. Today we milled a 10′ by 18″-20″ diameter black walnut log into 1 1/4″ boards. Minus the two caps we were able to get 8 nice slabs that are now stickered and should be ready by fall of 2016 plus a few months indoors.

It was a good day to cut and when everything is running right and the sun is out, there’s not much better on this land then to be a part of it through good work. Even if the ground is covered in snow on the 1st of March.









4 thoughts on “Milling Walnut on March 1st (in the snow)

    • Nope-we leave that to the professionals. In this case we hauled it down to our land and worked on it there. Thanks for stopping by. -Bobby

  1. Funny, I follow your blog, and I was doing the same thing yesterday. Unfortunately, my walnut was only 3-4′ long. Fortunately, I have a Woodmizer. I did start out milling with the Alaskan mill also.

    Bob Griffin West Branch, MI

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    • Hi Bob, you are fortunate indeed to have a Woodmizer…we hope in a few years we might be able to go down that road. Just out of curiosity, which model do you own?


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