The Challenge of Shaping

First off, Happy Independence Day. While things may never be perfect in this place we call home, we’ve got a lot of which to be proud. The older I get the more I see that the world doesn’t exist in black and white, i.e. there’s always another side to everyone’s story, whether you agree with them or not. So here’s to the beauty of public discourse. Have a great 4th of July and be safe out there!

As for the world of woodworking, the shavehorse build continues…

I’m making my first rudimentary attempt to shape the seat for this beast. I’m lacking in some tools, like an adze for instance. And I’m also lacking in any know-how whatsoever when it comes to carving out a seat. Although I figure with some deft sawing and creative plane work I can get things to an approximation that will suit the task. Using White Oak on the other hand doesn’t say much for my wood selection IQ. But you use what you have…and you might notice a striking resemblance of said White Oak seat blank to the bench top it’s sitting on. Ever since I built my first workbench, i.e. a beginner’s attempt at a Roubo-style bench a la Chris Schwarz, I had a couple extra chunks of the bench top lying around just waiting to be used. And it turns out that a #6 Fore Plane with PM-V11 steel cuts through White Oak with a certain satisfying effectiveness.