Stool Making Time w/Fabian Fischer

This weekend I have the unique opportunity to take a stool making class with Fabian Fischer, an incredible craftsman in his own right. I’ll let his work speak for itself. You can visit his website or take a look at his blog or Instagram account to get a feel.

I came across Fabian’s work a few months ago while looking for nearby chairmakers and when I saw that he offered courses, I got in touch. It’s a two-day class and I’ll come home with a hand made stool.

Here’s a screen shot from his website to give you a sense of the design of his work:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 6.36.39 AM

I’ll post a few updates on my Instagram account during the course so stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Stool Making Time w/Fabian Fischer

      • I saw your pictures on instagram, lookslike a productive 2 days!
        I am too far away to take a class.

      • It definitely was. And yeah, distance is always an obstacle. Although there are a lot of guys out there that do workshops all over the place that sound pretty awesome too. Peter Galbraith comes to mind for that. Hope you find something! ~Bobby

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