Backyard Firewood Shed

A friend gifted us with nearly a cord of seasoned firewood for Christmas and not having a place to keep it dry from the elements necessitated coming up with a woodshed of some sort. I had a lot of different scraps of wood lying around, basically taking up space and a $50 gift certificate to a local hardware store so I tried to see if I could put something together on the cheap and try a few things out in the process.

The cedar shingle roof is made of old fence pickets from an earlier project and the four posts are all weather treated since they will be in contact with the ground. I’ll go over it with wood sealer once the temperatures get back up to reasonable levels. It was a fun little project. I thought about trying to scribe the posts to stone but it turns out that working with pressure treated wood and using hand tools is gross and smells bad so I stuck with current construction techniques for that. For the bottom rails and stretchers I chopped out mortises and pegged the tenons with oak dowels.

It ended up being a combination of regular construction with some traditional joinery thrown in for good measure.










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