Table Turn Table Pt. III

Finding homes for all the butterflies I carved the other day. In some ways this slab of Black Walnut was a marginal piece of wood but in others, it’s quite nice. Took a lot of work to get it flat going from 1 1/4″ thick to about 3/4″. That’s a lot of hand planing across the grain. And it’s full of cracks, etc that kinda need some help and kinda just need some of my killer aesthetic vision…anyways, there’s nothing finer than chiseling out butterfly key mortises on a lovely afternoon.




For the round post that will support the far end of the piece, I decided to use some Osage Orange that I’ve had lying around. It too has a few issues but all in all is OK for this project. Good practice for the frame saw as well.



To get it to round I’m using the jack plane to create a hexadecagon, that’s right, a 16-side polygon. Bam!


The grain is outstanding. It feels/looks like there’s a decent amount of oil in the wood as it has this incredible polish after even a rough cut with the jack plane.


Another gratuitous grain shot.