Mini-Me (or Mini-Home)

A few years ago (7 to be precise) when my significant other and I moved to our current home, we happened to catch an IMAX movie at a local museum. As we were exiting the theater, we noticed a large dollhouse on display. It was made entirely by hand and quite large, about 3’x4′ and about 2′ high. According to the information card, it was built by the original owner of the actual house in 1932. And as we looked closer, we were remarking about how similar it looked to our house. The roof was open so you could see each of the individual rooms, complete with all the furnishings down to the candles on the dining room table and His & Her towels on the shower curtain rod.

Anyways, we then noticed a 4×6 photograph in the corner of the display case showing the original house as it stood today. We both looked at each other with kind of wide eyes, realizing that in fact this was a scale model of our home that we had just bought! It was pretty crazy. This entire miniature version of our actual home. I felt like a kid again, staring in amazement at all the detail, the individual wood shingles, the cast iron pots on the stove, the list went on and on. The guy that built this dollhouse spared no expense.

Given the craziness of it all, I contacted the museum and let them know if they ever happened to de-accession this particular piece, that we would love to have and return it to its original “home”. Well, just a couple weeks ago, one of the curators called me and asked if we were still interested. And so I was able to pick it up this week and bring it back to where it was built.

Apparently the dollhouse was built by the original owner of the house in 1932 for his two daughters who then many years later donated the house to the museum in town. A handwritten note on the bottom of the house by the builder stated that it is in fact to scale: 1 inch = 1 foot. As the museum ran out of space recently, they contacted us, with the blessing of the daughters, to see if we would be interested in taking it back. And so it has returned.

I will design a stand for it and we’ll display it in what is now the den. And I’ll post more pictures soon. But here’s a sampling…


The living room:


The dining room:


And for a sense of scale:



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    • It’s a fun surprise, no doubt. A little surreal, but really fun. Thanks for stopping by. ~Bobby

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