Tree Rings

Your Dendrochronology fix for the day. This is a cross-section from a 6×6 old growth reclaimed Douglas Fir beam. I count 126 rings and it came from a 100 year old warehouse so by my estimates this guy was a sapling sometime back in the 1700’s in Idaho. Pretty cool. Glad to be giving it a third life as part of the memorial bench I’m building.


4 thoughts on “Tree Rings

  1. Love it…Are we 100% sure on the Doug Fir speciation..??…Kinda looks like Western Hemlock (or even Eastern?) at first glance…Either way…great post and thanks as always for sharing the stuff you do!!

    • Thanks, Jay. Maybe 99%? I bought the beams from a guy who’s been timber framing for 30 years. He builds homes out of new and reclaimed wood for clients and sources all the reclaimed wood himself. He picked these up in Idaho not too long ago. So I’d vote for DF on this one. Take care. Bobby

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