6 thoughts on “Archives

  1. Hey Bobby – when I first came across your page I bookmarked the Archives. And now, unless I start on this page I cannot seem to find the Archives page, when beginning from the ‘homepage’. If I am trying to find some info that I think you may have referenced in an old post , and I don’t know the title or exactly what I am looking for, scrolling through the Archives is what works best for me. So I guess my question is, how do I get back here?

    • Hi John, apologies for the inconvenience. When I switched blog themes, the Archives link wasn’t displayed I wasn’t on the ball enough to add it back in. I will play around with the widgets/links and see if I can’t bring that back as a link at the top of the blog. Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for perusing the blog! ~Bobby

    • Just FYI, I’ve added the Archives link back to the top of the page-it should work now although you may need to bookmark it again as I’m not sure if the original URL changed. Thanks, ~Bobby

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