Paver Removal

On Sunday, Amy and I were able to pull the pavers (and then some) where the beds and pergola posts are destined for greatness. The pavers, which we think were put in maybe 5-7 years ago (before we bought the house), were set in an angled pattern. The intended beds will be rectangles. So it’s not as simple as just pulling out a large rectangle’s worth of pavers to make way for the beds. Instead, we had pull everything out on the diagonal so that when we reset the pavers to accommodate the beds it would end up being straight. It’s harder than it sounds, at least if your spatially challenged like me.

So we began pulling up each paver and then set it down to recreate the pattern in our currently unused garden bed.

And putting it back together…

It took a couple of hours to pull everything that we needed and rebuild what appears to be the concrete paver version of Frankenstein’s Monster.

And the beast itself.

The last part of today’s experiment was putting the puzzle back together in hopes of affecting a more or less straight line to match up to the future limestone beds. To do this we took the end piece and eventually end pieces from each row and aligned them in such a way as to keep the edge straight.

You’ll note in the upper right hand corner of the photo, a 4-lb mallet and two cold chisels. Those entered the picture when I forgot to compensate for the slight curve of the patio in the lower right hand corner of the photo. Fortunately I only had to size about 4 pieces to finish the straight edge of the “new” patio. Basically I just scored a line on the top and bottom of each paver that I needed to cut and then applied about 10-12 light strikes up and down the score to break each piece to size.

The plan this week is to dig and set one post a night after work so that I’ll have all four up by next weekend and then work on putting in the two beds and steps. The rest will be all timber framing. I’m pretty darn excited about that part.